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The AMX Mod development is still ongoing...
For information, AMX Mod is still in active development. The "Rise of the Myth" is coming!

The future AMX Mod version promises to be a real "revolution" for AMX in the view of the scheduled changes and the ones that have already been made. It's now a certitude!
A huge amount of changes and additions might interest more than one! Because as promised, the essential of the missing things will be added, and even a little more...

So, I have finally decided to code more functionnalities than I originally though. Because I truly wish to build an ultimate splendid version being evolutive for the future then with a high quality, a design, a stereotype and an usage comfort in-game without equivalent!

This version should be released in 2015/2016 2017, because I'll have to adapt the 3rd-party plugins of the website in order to purpose you "the best of the best"! This is once more, very long and fastidious (I won't be able to release it until all of this will stay unfinished).

Meantime, if you have suggestions, don't hesitate to share them on the forum, it's time!

IMPORTANT: I need additional translators (active, serious, skilled) for this upcoming release and for the following language: German.
If you can help about this, please register on the forum and post a message here.

The AMX Mod Dev

The return of the official forum, finally!
Enjoy the gift amxmod.net gives you for this new year! The forum is back!
Just two months was enough for me to release it!

So, I'm happy to make available to you this new one, with a similar design than the old "djeyl.net". I truly hope I didn't lost all this time to rebuild it for nothing. I wish from you some enthusiasm, contribution and help in order to make revive the community and increase the AMX Mod popularity.

Because even if there are some disadvantages vs AMX Mod X, there are some gains highly attractive for the people (as non-Steam support), ignore them will be a stupid thing...

Notice that people like some pro-AMXX guys/fans/coders who totally don't care about AMX have nothing to do on this forum. It's designed for the users who care about that addon, I absolutely don't want to see some idiots topics where you can see conflicts like the old ones on the past (there is already one informative topic about AMX/AMXX).
That should be gone and behind, now, it's neutral.

I wish the people share informations in a good mood.

Please take time to read the forum rules and the important topics I listed here.

The AMX Mod Dev

Some news and infos...
I'm glad to inform you two great news!

First, considering that the relative temporary webpage (here) is frequently viewed, and because this is so much asked from people, I took the decision to make available a forum, like the old one on the past. With the main goal to provide a benefic help in order to make revive AMX Mod more faster, but also to give opportunity at the people to share and ask for support at through a community forum, that's what the people like today...

I'm not gonna to release a dead or empty forum, that's why you'll have to wait some weeks, so the time for me to create a very huge number of messages (more than 1 000!), with principally the AMX then also 3rd-party plugins infos in two languages.
That's a very long and fastidious job, once more...

The forum will be like the website, fully bilingual (it's so far to be like that under AMXX, isn't it!).

The second good news, is that I've started working on the next AMX Mod version.
The changes will be major for AMX, to compare to the old previous versions.
I wish these ones:
  • contains the essential of missing things
  • be evolutive for the future
  • be more optimized (via new functions to provide a significant gain about perf.)
  • be practice for the potential "coders" who will wish to code under AMX Mod
  • get a design and a usage and administrating comfort, higher than the current one... (so much more beyond than AMXX provides)
I like simple and essential things, this version will be designed in this way. And about the release date, no one is fixed yet, but at the middle of 2014 is a correct approximation.

Do not hesitate to feel free to leave me feedbacks, suggestions, etc., about the things and features you will like to see on this future version (mainly about the default plugins).

Also, on this strange period around HL1 games (of course, the pieces of shit which are the VALVe updates of the game don't really help), a little encouragement and sympathy from you is welcomed... Especially when AMX Mod includes lot of advantages vs. AMX Mod X.

PS: I make available to you at the same time, screenshots of all the AMX default menus, in all the available languages AMX provides, in order to show you the quality, cleanness then the perfect translation of this addon. You can enjoy them just below!

The AMX Mod Dev

The return of the Myth!
Finally released! As it was promised in the first announce (temporary page), the long awaited amxmod.net is available, with a remastered architecture!
We persevered in old fashioned style, simpler, but it became more pleasant to read, more complete and also completly English/French!

New details added, we invite you to be curious then take your time to read each one of all. Many of them will give you more informations about what is AMX Mod, then that we purpose to you, the advantages (vs AMX Mod X), and why the return took so long time...

Relative to the support, we have made a contact form simple and fast.

We have worked so much on the 3rd-party custom plugins to provide you only the best for AMX Mod, this is the symbol of the next generation, because these ones are following the default ones. This job is partially responsible of the waiting time a bit long, sorry.
See here for more informations about that.

Remind you, AMX Mod isn't AMX Mod X, this is another addon different well separated, the third-party plugins we make available to you are only for AMX Mod, and require, for lot of them, the last "AMX Mod 2010.1" version.

We hope lot of users then others faithful people from the past will go back to use AMX Mod and the third-party plugins of quality we purpose to you, then help us regularly, for example, about the foreign translations.

All of that... with the goal to make revive AMX Mod!
AMX Mod brought back to life, come home!

The AMX Mod Team

2013 VALVe update (AMX patch)
EDIT (2013-06-04): Patch updated to "2010.1-fix3", fixes two forwards, adds a new one.
EDIT (2013-05-11): Patch updated to "2010.1-fix2", fixes another crash.

Due to the update recently made by VALVe, we have been forced to do the same trick for AMX Mod, in order to fix an important problem, a server crash.
This one happened only when the "message" functions was called under a linux server with an updated version of the server (version: 2013, february minimum).

In addition, we have fixed some others things, see here.

For those one who don't want to "remade" their AMX Mod installation from scratch, here is single patch:

Once installed, you should see AMX Mod and VexdUM branded as "2010.1-fix3".
All the default and special packages have been updated.

NOTE: It's very important to install this patch if your server is up-to-date.
This one also concern CS 1.5 Won administrators, since another crash has been fixed, it happened more especially under this old CS version.

The AMX Mod Team

AMX Mod 2010.1 - The next...
* We are happy to make available to you the new AMX Mod 2010.1 *

AMX Mod 2010.1 contains a specific amount of internal changes and new features which can be used to give more possibilities in-game or with the 3rd-party plugins we purpose.
There is also more AMX Mod X plugins which can be converted to AMX Mod.

This version represents (in the whole) the great addon for Half-Life and these submods, with lot of features (plugins, commands, cvars, configs, etc.). Therefore, a basic addon complete and correctly translated to easily manage your server.
This version is recommended on your server if all the 3rd-party custom plugins you need are available among our list, especially in modern versions! (or convertible from AMXX via a request)

Below a resume of the most important changes from the complete changelog:
  • added forward addtofullpack
  • added some useful native as:
    • log_amx, set_cvarptr_string, change_cmdaccess, float_to_str/floattostr
    • [un]register_message, <get|set>_msg_arg_*
    • <get|set>_offset_float, dllfunc, <get|set>_es
  • fixed/updated some natives as:
    • arrayset, get_plugincmd, get_plugincmdsnum, format_args
  • added possibility to disable all previously loaded plugins or load a new plugins file
  • added possibility to create group file(s) for maps plugins
  • added autoload feature with forwards (previously, only the natives were checked)
  • added possibility to list all cmds/cvars registered by a specific plugin
  • modified cvars order (also affects the cvars list of the "amx_plugcvarmenu" cmd)
  • added cvars amx_log_to_hl_logs and amx_realadmin_flags
  • added server commands amx_changecmdaccess and amx_exportcmdaccess
  • updated some includes files (amxconst.inc, amxmisc.inc, amxmodx_to_amx.inc, cstrike.inc, string.inc)
  • added include message.inc
  • updated config files with the new things/additions, and updated amx_show_activity cvar
  • updated amx_compiler.exe then amx_editor.exe (files)
Full changelog: HTML documentation: To download this new version, simply click here!

The AMX Mod Team

AMX Mod 2006.4 RC2
The second RC version of the 2006.4 "branch" is available!

This one add some definitives small fixes and changes.

  • removed cvar amx_chat_color and added fonctionnality available by default for CS and CZ mods
  • improved map settings feature when you load or save the restrict weapons config (if #define MAPSETTINGS enabled)
  • added #define MENU_KEY_ALL into amxconst.inc
  • renamed is_user_really_admin to is_user_realadmin (amxmisc.inc)
  • renamed is_user_master_admin to is_user_masteradmin (amxmisc.inc)
  • fixed amxmodx_to_amx.inc
There is also some others little fixes which aren't needed to be written here.

The changes don't stop!

The AMX Mod Team

AMX Mod 2006.4 RC1
The first version which signs the "AMX Mod come back" is now available!

This version includes lot of fixes and changes. It has been done with the goal to fix the missing things and minor errors stagnant in the 2006.3 version.
We have also profited of this opportunity by adding some new functions and options which could interest you (as the colored chat commands).

This version has nothing of miraculous, but its located just between the 2006.3 and the future release.
This is a "temporary" version till the next which should come soon!

Among the primary fixes, you can enjoy these ones:
  • fixed amx_makeadmin command used from rcon access (admin.amx)
  • fixed "say_team @" command access (adminchat.amx)
  • fixed hostname translation if feature enabled (imessage.amx)
  • fixed crash which could be caused by a low maps number inside the maps.ini/mapcycle file (mapchooser.amx)
  • fixed nominations mode when amx_nominfromfile was set to 0 and the displaying maps in the amx_listmaps command (mapchooser.amx)
  • fixed maps descriptions in their menus (mapmenu.amx)
  • fixed bad statistic loading if VexdUM module wasn't loaded for the "Suicide" stat (miscstats.amx/dodx_stats.amx)
Among the primary news, you can enjoy these ones:
  • added cvar amx_chat_color (adminchat.amx)
  • added command amx_clcmd (admincmd.amx)
  • added cvar amx_show_clcmds (admincmd.amx)
  • added displaying plugin menu after the execution of a command/cvar and possibility to get back to the primary plugins commands/cvars menu (cmdmenu.amx)
  • added possibility to use colors names such as white, red... (imessage.amx)
  • added possibility to define the color or a random color (scrollmsg.amx)
  • updated visible addons list (welcomemsg.amx)
  • added forgotten AMX Mod features such as admin names in red into the menus or the supreme admin support
  • added new functions into includes files
  • added or updated plugins and includes documentations
  • added Turkish translation by the GencKafe.Net Team
  • updated config files
  • added per-maps config files for all CS/CZ and DoD default maps in the CS/DoD packages and some prefix_*.cfg files
  • added per-maps plugin config files for all CS/CZ and DoD default maps in the CS/DoD packages and some prefix_*.ini files
  • added AMX sound package by default in the CS and DoD packages
There are many others kind of stuff added, to see the full list, you can click on one of the both links below.

Full changelog: HTML documentation: To download this new version, simply click here!

The AMX Mod Team

AMX Mod is back - Temporary information page
As you saw since 2010, august, a temporary information page to announce you the return of AMX Mod then some miscellaneous informations about the story was visible at the beginning of this month.

We remind you that this page said...


AMX Mod is "dead" since the previous developers decided to leave out the project, lot of them wanted to have a new addon completely rewrote. This one now includes a large community of gamers and coders, better known under the name of "AMX Mod X", we guess you probably know it since a moment.
We don't really know why lot of coders didn't want to continue to the AMX Mod development (same project), maybe because some kind of stuff was too much "confined" when it started, even if there are others reasons about that.
But AMX Mod is licenced under Metamod, so Open Source to default.

Meanwhile, KRoT@L, a good famous coder worked alone on the development of the latest 2006.3, which one has been truly appreciated by lot of users, and today yet!
When this guy decided to give up (end of the 2006 year), that was a sad news for the community and the most faithful of this program.

dJeyL was gone (owner of the domain), and KRoT@L too, m0gely decided to close the official English forums, till these f****** spamers come...

The domain has been given up, and it wasn't possible to do anything on the official website.

AMX Mod was "dead"...

What will happen now?

The domain has been taken back, in 2010, march, and a new AMX Mod Team has come, composed by some people from the past. All of that has happened between february and march.
This new team wish to continue to this same project with the similar objectives KRoT@L has originally initiated.

Annonce: Remasteted website under construction...

We will try to get the old dJeyL forum, then clean up it. But we promise you nothing, because not totally sure.

AMX Mod is back...

End resume (why are we doing all of that?):

We have decided to "brought back to life" AMX Mod because we like it, we are "faithful" of it, but we appreciate and prefer this default package, especially the default plugins available with it, with a better quality than under AMX Mod X.
We also like the possibility to be able to maintain and make available third-party custom plugins with a similar "design" than the default ones (AMX's stereotype), then also some internal functions non-similar to AMXX, in order to generate a difference, by doing something ourselves...

It's obvious we don't "fight" (and can't) to the same level than AMX Mod X, and on some points, AMX Mod will always be different, then sometimes less elaborated (lot of functions for coders, etc.). But, don't forget it's scheduled to be upgraded, guess up and away.

We don't want to start a war between both addons (AMX vs AMXX), but just make happy the old users who truly appreciated the advantages of this program, by showing them it's always maintained.
Then if possible, they join us again!

Obviously, these old users have been indirectly "forced" to migrate toward AMX Mod X, mainly due to the stopped development, so the support step by step, consequently... in 2006.

Wish us success!

The AMX Mod Team

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