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The Whole Half-Life

The Whole Half-Life



Default plugins
AMX Mod contains several default plugins, to see the list, just aim me!
* AMX Mod default plugins: Global list *

  • admin logging via name/SteamID/IP
  • admin logging via SQL database
  • specific admin chat commands (SayText/HUD messages)
  • some admin commands (kicking, banning, cvar and map changing, etc.)
  • client/admin help for the commands
  • slots reservation
  • voting system
  • chat-flood protection
  • statistics (like StatsMe)
  • friendly fire manager (only for CS, CZ and DoD)
  • messages of the moment
  • language manager (client and server)
  • nextmap chooser (automatic votes, et cetera)
  • current map and map prefix configuration files (for configs and loading of the plugins)
  • map and votemap menus
  • admin menu all-in-one (amxmodmenu)
  • nextmap management
  • plugins pause/unpause
  • auto plugins/modules loading
  • weapons restrictions
  • scrolling messages
  • weapons stats logging
  • stats settings
  • teleport menu
  • remaining time announcer
  • welcome message at client connection

  • Additional third-party custom plugins
    IMPORTANT: Please click here to see that you must know about the plugins of this website (contains lot of informations and useful advices).

    REMINDER: All the plugins of this website/forum are only compatible with AMX Mod, they aren't for AMX Mod X and won't work.
    So use AMX Mod if you want them or don't come here! Thanks.

    The following plugins are users and developers contributions.

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  • Total number: 533
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